AOTO expands to 50 Olympian and Paralympian members

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Art of the Olympians is pleased to announce it now has 50 artists on its roster.  AOTO’s membership has almost doubled in the past 6 months since launching a global campaign to find new artists.  At the time of the initial launch, in March 2016, AOTO had 29 confirmed artists from 14 countries. Now, just 6 months later, Art of the Olympians has 50 confirmed artists from 18 countries.  AOTO members include 42 Summer Olympians and 8 Winter Olympians that competed in a collective 99 Olympic, Paralympic and Special Olympic Games.  AOTO’s 47 Olympians, 2 Paralympians and 1 Special Olympian have won a total of 62 medals and set 26 World Records.