Al Oerter's very 1st painting!

Art of The Olympians Al Oerter’s very first painting!

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In 1980 four time consecutive Olympic Discus Gold medalist Al Oerter was asked by Anheuser Busch, a major supporter of the 1984 Olympic Games, to create an original work of art for a unique fundraising effort for the United States Olympic Committee. Before Al started the project and his first painting he said “I have absolutely no idea what I am going to do. I am not an artist”. Little did he know that the experience changed his life. He became a prolific artist for the next 27 years and made Olympic history once more, this time off the field, when he founded the Art Of The Olympians (AOTO) organization, This international group of Olympians artists promote the connection between sport and art through educational programs, exhibitions and other cultural events.